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We’ve helped over 2,000 families with a 99.7% satisfaction rate. Your lawyer will love our letters. 

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How to Write an Extreme Hardship Letter?

For a successful hardship letter, the letter writer must describe the hardships that the U.S. citizen/permanent resident (qualifying relative) will go through if the applicant waiver is denied. The key takeaway is that the letter must focus on the qualifying relative and in some cases about the applicant. You must demonstrate clearly how the qualifying relative will suffer if the applicant’s waiver application is denied. Your ability to frame the direct hardship to a qualifying relative is critical. All family separations create hardships. To prevail, the applicant must demonstrate why the hardship, essentially, is going to be worse than regular hardship. To demonstrate that, the letter must contain (a) the hardship suffered if the qualifying relative had to depart the United States and begin life in another country with the applicant or (b) the hardship created by the absence of the applicant from the United States while the qualifying relative remain here without the applicant.

  1. We will call you and get all the information required over the phone, in your preferred language English or Spanish. 

  2. We will brainstorm with you to find out what topics your unique letter needs to focus on. 

  3. We will research your country-specific situations for news and articles.

  4. We write the letter and send it to you for revision​

     These letters are lengthy and complicated, but with my experience, they can be done in 2 weeks. Our office is located in Plano, Tx and we provide online writing extreme hardship letters & Expedite Letters to anyone around the world who needs our services.  

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  • Reduce your risk of denial by 25%

  • Premium immigration support for the whole family

  • Include a child for just $450 more per child

  • Thorough legal review and consultation for no extra charge

  • 4 comprehensive anti-rejection checks

  • 99.7% success rate

  • Begin worry-free: guaranteed approval or your money back!


Maria Rocha

This is a long over due review. We are so happy we went with CartasPro. The process for my husband was fast and easy. Petra put together all in one packet that was needed for my husbands Residency process. She guided us right from the get go of how the process would go, what we should receive and when. Sure enough with in a year we received the interview Date. She told us what to get ready in the mean time while we waited for the "Big" interview. She was flexible to meet with us a few days before the interview and couched us on what could be the questions and how to answer. CartasPro didn't mislead us in anyway, all the contrary they made us feel safe that our money was not badly spent. I recommend CartasPro 101%.

We appreciate it all. First thing I told my Husband that day after the approval was "Call Petra and let her know!" Keep up the awesome work stay humble and God Bless.

unnamed (1).png

I will always recommend Cartas. Pro, gratitude , you were extremely professional and treated me with respect and love , feeling my pain and despair , I am eternally grateful . you do the job perfectly, get all the details, excellent work. and yes , i say yes a thousand times yes for this company.

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Norma Torres

If I could give cartaspro more stars I definitely would. I reached out to Petra after I had lost all hope and right away she was there to answer all my questions. I had already been denied 3 expedites. Petra and her team helped me on my last expedite and it was finally approved. Me and my family are so thankful for running into their team because without them I would still be waiting in Mexico along with my 2 children for who knows how much longer. Thanks again CartasPro!

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